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Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Glycolic Acid
Gives your skin a second chance. Skin appears more youthful, smoother and satiny. Lines and wrinkles are softened; pigmentation spots lightened.

What Are the Benefits of Alpha Hydroxy, AHAs?

  • Wrinkle Retaliation - AHAs remove dead skin cells in the outer epidermal layer which accentuates lines and wrinkles.

  • Soften Up - AHAs contain skin smoothing and toning components creating finer, smoother and younger looking skin.

  • Getting Clear - AHAs loosen acne lesions allowing sebum to flow to the skin in a continuous and uniform manner reducing the formation of new acne lesions.





Glycolic Acid 5% Eye & Neck Gel

Glycolic Acid 5% Vitalizing Eye & Neck Gel
Two of skin cares newest, greatest advances combined in a single "break through" gel for the delicate under-eye area! We know liposomes aid penetration of products, so Jevelle has  made it possible to transport wonder working GLYCOLIC ACID into the sensitive eye area without irritation. And in a liposome, GLYCOLIC ACID more effectively blends into skin cells. Deeper absorption also means it can show exceptional results for the throat, yet it is so light, you can apply another cream over  it.

The result? A new milestone in smoothing and diminishing the look of under-eye wrinkles and improving skin texture and uniformity of color.

There's a fine line between diminishing the aged look for eyes and irritating this delicate area. But with our carefully balanced Glycolic Acid formula in a time-released liposome, We have perfected the precise balance that works wonders.

Net wt. 1 oz. Item JV50105 $20.00

Alpha Nutrient  Glycolic Recharge
Night Cream 10% glycolic acid

An enriched moisturizer with Glycolic Acid to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.      

Apply to face and neck nightly.

Deionized water, glycolic acid, squalane, sunflower seed oil, cyclomethicone, caprylic/capric triglyceride, glyceryl stearate and PEG-100 stearate, propylene glycol, glycerin, sorbitan stearate, ceteary alcohol, C12-20 acid PEG-8 ester, phenoxyethanol and propylparaben and methylparaben and ethylparaben and butylparaben, kukui nut oil, ammonium hydroxide, latic acid, citric acid, malic acid and green tea extract, stearic acid, dimethicone, magnesium aluminum silicate and xanthan gum

Net wt. 2 oz. Item JV4007 $29.00   

Oil- free Daily
Moisturizer for  
  Normal to Oily skin
paraben -free sulfate-free

A lightweight, oil-free moisturizing lotion  to help improve skin texture and appearance. This unique formula works as a non-oily skin nourishing rejuvenator.

8 fl. oz Item JV4005-6 $25.00  


Lotion AHA 10%
Alpha Nutrient Hand & Body Lotion

An effective all over body lotion fortified with glycolic and mixed fruit acids. Improves skin's ability to retain moisture. Absorbs quickly into hands and body with a silky, non-greasy feeling. Leaves skin smooth and soft. For all skin types. Use this wonderfully fine textured lotion to smooth and refine your skin. Use it daily, on your hands, neck, chest and shoulders. An all over body luxury.

After cleansing, apply AHA body lotion over the entire body. Recommended to be applied twice daily.

8 fl. oz. Item JV4001 $22.95   Discontinued

Alpha Nutrient Glycolic Rejuvenating Serum

A concentrated solution of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and glycolic for maximum benefit. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Apply drops directly on skin, smooth quickly and evenly over face and neck. Use daily. Avoid eye contact.

1 fl. oz. Item JV4009 $25.00  

AHA Alpha Nutrient Face Cleanser
for Normal to Oily & Normal to Dry

Ideal for acne, oily skin, and problem skin as it sloughs away skin cell debris to reveal a healthier, clearer, more refined complexion.

8 fl. oz. Item JV4003-4 $22.00  


Alpha Nutrient Honey Almond Scrub

A natural gentle exfoliant combined with Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids, as well as Natural Honey to gently remove unwanted dead skin cells and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Directions: Wet face and massage a small amount of exfoliator into skin. Let dry for 1-2 minutes. Rinse and follow with toner.

Item JV4010 Net wt 2 oz. $20.00  

Alpha Nutrient Masque AHA 8%

An invigorating facial masque designed to revitalize and deep cleanse. Formulated with Glycolic Acid to clarify complexion and refine pores. Leaves skin fresh and radiant. Recommended for all skin types.

Apply evenly over entire face, avoiding eyes. Leave on 10-12 minutes or until dry.

Net wt. 3 oz. Item JV4008 $18.00   

Alpha Nutrient Toner AHA 6%

An effective alcohol-free toner with Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help to accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Refreshes skin tone and contracts pores while removing excess residue. Ideal for all skin types.

Directions: Apply twice daily after cleansing. Follow with moisturizer.

8 fl. oz. Item JV4002 $22.00   

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